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How It Works

Receive tips on the address, or "link", of web pages.

Tip websites, blog articles, social media posts, Tipalink profiles, and more.

Why Tipalink?

0% Fee - icon by Eucalyp at

0% Fee

You get to keep all your tips.

Gain Insight - icon by Eucalyp at

Gain Insight

You learn what content is most valuable.

Convert More - icon by Eucalyp at

Convert More

You help attract more supporters.

Get Started

STEP 1: Activate Profile - icon by Eucalyp at

STEP 1: Activate Profile

Create an account and then activate a profile. Your Tipalink Profile is the first web page on which you can start receiving tips. Share it to let people know!

"Tip me on Tipalink!"

STEP 2: Install Plugin

Install the Tip Plugin to start receiving tips directly on your website.

STEP 3: Add Buttons

Add Tip Buttons to pages on your website to open the Tip Plugin.

STEP 2: Include ID

Include your Tipalink Profile ID in your content to verify your links.

STEP 3: Share Links

Create Tip Links and share them on other websites to accept tips.

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