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Why Tipalink?

Tipalink helps people
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Tip Content

Learn what content is most popular by receiving tips on content.

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Earn More

A new monetization option for accepting additional support online.

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Pay Tabs

Let your supporters choose when to pay versus a subscription.

How to Get Started

Start receiving tips online.

STEP 1: Activate a Profile - icon by Eucalyp at

STEP 1: Activate a Profile

Create an account and then activate a profile. You will be assigned a Tipalink Profile ID and given a profile page. You can start receiving tips on your profile page. Share it with your supporters.

STEP 2: Install Tip Plugin

Install the Tip Plugin to start receiving tips directly on your website.

STEP 3: Add Tip Buttons

Add Tip Buttons to pages on your website to open the Tip Plugin.

STEP 2: Add Profile ID

Add your Tipalink Profile ID to your content to claim and verify your links.

STEP 3: Share Tip Links

Create Tip Links and share them on other websites to accept tips.

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