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Give your fans and followers another way to help support you by tipping as much as they want on the pages and posts they like and without requiring another subscription.

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Why Tipalink?

Tipalink can be used by anyone to
tip web pages!

Tip Content - icon by Eucalyp at

Tip Content

Learn what content your followers like the most by giving them the chance to tip your pages and posts by their web address.

Earn More - icon by Eucalyp at

Earn More

Accept extra funds on top of other revenue streams you may already be receiving from subscriptions, ads, and other sources.

Pay Tabs - icon by Eucalyp at

Pay Tabs

Let your followers decide how much and how often to help support you by paying tabs rather than requiring another subscription.

How to Get Started

Follow these steps to start receiving tips.

STEP 1: Activate a Profile - icon by Eucalyp at

STEP 1: Activate a Profile

Register an account and then activate a Tipalink Profile. You will be assigned a unique Tipalink Profile ID and given a Tipalink Profile web page. Share your Tipalink Profile Page with your fans and followers.

STEP 2: Add the App

Add the Tipalink App to your website so visitors can tip without leaving it.

STEP 3: Add Buttons

Add Tipalink Buttons to pages on your website to activate the Tipalink App.

STEP 2: Add Profile ID

Add your Tipalink Profile ID to your content to claim and verify links.

STEP 3: Add Hyperlinks

Add Tipalink Links to your content that point to the "Tip a Link" form.

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