Tipping as a new monetization option online.


Tipalink offers a new option for monetizing work online with a service that lets supporters tip web pages.

Monetize Work


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Would you like to:

  • - accept extra revenue?
  • - supplement ad revenue?
  • - supplement subscription revenue?
  • - turn page views & social media likes into real money?

Receive tips on your websites, social media posts, and Tipalink profile page!

Give your supporters another opportunity to support you and your work online!

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Support Creators

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Would you leave a tip on:

  • - a creator's profile?
  • - an author's article?
  • - an artist's portoflio?
  • - a developer's project?
  • - a project's homepage?
  • - a fundraiser's campaign?

Choose who and what content to tip, how much, and when to pay!

Help support the work of creatives online!

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Learn more by reading the FAQ.