Tipalink is a service that lets website visitors tip web pages by their address or "link".


Monetize Web Pages


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Do you own a website or web page and are you...

  • - seeking extra income or donations?
  • - generating insufficient or non-existent ad revenue?
  • - having difficulty getting visitors to pay for content?
  • - wishing you could turn page views & social media likes into real money?

Give your web page visitors the opportunity to leave a tip!

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Support Content Creators

Would you tip 25 cents, a dollar, or even more to...

  • - an author of an article you just read online?
  • - an artist or photographer who posted an image?
  • - a maintainer of an open-source software project?
  • - a content creator(s) you subscribe and follow?
  • - a fundraiser seeking donations for a cause?
  • - a favorite business or non-profit?

Help support those who create your online experience!

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