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There are multiple ways to "tip a link"!

Just like a house is identified by its street address, a web page is identified by its web address, also known as a "link" or URL (e.g. "https://www.domain.com/web-page").

Tipalink lets people tip content online by its "link". Here are four ways to tip a link:

  1. Go to a User Profile
  2. Open the Tip Plugin
  3. Follow a Tip Link
  4. Complete the Tip Form

Any web page can be tipped*. Tips are saved for each user and can be paid at their convenience. When a payment is made for some tips, the funds are transferred directly to the payment account of the profile that owns the links.

* - payments can only be made for tips on web pages that contain a Tipalink Profile ID

1. Go to a User Profile

When a user activates a profile, they are assigned a unique Tipalink Profile ID and profile page on Tipalink.com. These pages can be tipped using the form provided below the profile image.

Tipalink Website Plugin demo

The web address of a Tipalink profile page follows the format "https://www.tipalink.com/[Profile ID]".

Tipalink profiles are located at https://www.tipalink.com/[Profile ID].

For example, the Profile ID of the creator and founder of Tipalink is "UP-13337333-1" and his profile page is https://www.tipalink.com/UP-13337333-1.

You can share the link to a Tipalink profile page like you would any social media profile. If you have activated a profile, then let people know that you can receive tips online by saying "Tip me on Tipalink!"

Share your Tipalink profile online and say "Tip me on Tipalink!"

2. Open the Tip Plugin

For websites that have it installed, the Tipalink Tip Plugin can be opened by clicking on any Tip Button on the page. By default, a small Tip Button with the Tipalink logo is added to the bottom right-hand corner of pages on which the Tip Plugin has been activated.

The Tip Plugin opens on top of the web page being viewed and it can be closed by clicking anywhere off the plugin body. It works in all major modern browsers and devices, including mobile phones.

The Tip Plugin make it easy for supporters to tip content without having to leave the website. It is the preferred method for tipping.

Watch the Tip Plugin Video

Browser Extension

For websites that don't have the Tip Plugin installed, the Tipalink Chrome web browser extension can be used to open the Tip Plugin on any web page.

Download the Tipalink Chrome extension.


Tip Links are special urls that automatically direct people to the Tip Form on the bottom of the home page of Tipalink.com with the "Web Page Address" and "Tip Amount" form fields pre-populated. When a visitor follows it, their screen will scroll down to the completed form.

Here is an example of a Tip Link for this blog article: https://www.tipalink.com/?link=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tipalink.com%2Fblog%2F4-ways-to-tip-a-link&amount=1.00.

Copy the link below to share it.

Create your own Tip Link »

4. Complete the Tip Form

Instead of following a Tip Link, one can navigate directly to the Tip Form on the bottom of the home page of Tipalink.com and fill it out manually.

Here is a link to the Tip Form: https://www.tipalink.com/#tip.

Copy the link below to share it.

For more information, see "How do I give a tip?"