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Another way to monetize online!

You might be thinking, "I already offer people a way to help support me" or "My website is already monetized".

So, why should you use Tipalink? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Attract more supporters
  2. Learn what content is most valuable
  3. Keep visitors on your website
  4. Earn more money
  5. Receive all your tips

1. Attract More Supporters

You have an untapped market of supporters. Some of your fans and followers want to help support you, but you're not providing them the right option yet.

These are people who:

  •   won't sign up for another subscription
  •   want control over how much to give and when
  •   only want to use certain payment methods
  •   are using ad-blocking software
  •   ...or some combination of the above

Ad-Hoc vs. Subscription Giving

Attract more supporters by offering an ad-hoc giving option.

You may offer a subscription or use a subscription-based service to which you direct your supporters to sign up and help support you. That's awesome. This is a great option and some of your fans and followers may embrace it. And some won't. Many people don't like to be locked in to a subscription*.

Tipalink gives your fans and followers the power to decide how much and how often to help support you. Payments can be made immediately or later. No subscription is required for supporters. They can make payments when they want and as often as they like.

* - plus, what if a subscriber wants to give a different amount one month versus the next?

Multiple Payment Options

Attract more supporters by offering multiple payment options.

Are you offering sufficient payment options to your supporters? Do they have to enter their credit card information every time they want to give? Would they prefer to pay using a payment option they already have saved in their browser? What if someone would prefer to mail you a check or money order?

Tipalink gives your fans and followers the power to decide from any of multiple payment options that you can configure.

Honor Ad-Blockers

Attract more supporters by honoring those who wish to browse the Internet with ad-blocking software.

Did you know that ads negatively impact website vistors' experience so much that ad blockers are predicted to cost the industry $35 billion this year (2020)*.

People use ad-blockers to hide overly annoying ads, retain their online privacy, and protect their computers from malware. Rather than blocking them from viewing your content, why not offer them another option?

* - source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ad-blocking-stats

2. Learn What Content is Most Valuable

Because tips are collected on the web address, or "link", of web pages, you learn what content your fans and followers truly "like" the most.

The content at a link might be a page on your website, an article you published on a blogging platform, a social media post of yours, or simply your Tipalink profile page. Likes and page views help give you some idea of what people value, but they are easy to fake (plus, they don't help pay the bills!). Tips provide more accurate feedback, because they require an actual cost to give out.

Tipping gives people the power to choose how much and how often to give.

Most people say that they'd be willing to leave a tip for quality content and services online, just like they do offline!

3. Keep Visitors on Your Website

The Tip Plugin lets supporters tip web page on your website without having to leave it.

Tipalink Website Plugin demo

the Tip Plugin works on any device


If the Tipalink Plugin is installed on a website, then visitors can use it to add tips and make payments without leaving the website.

Plus, if a supporter has installed the Tipalink Extension on their web browser, then they can activate the Tip Plugin on any web page on the Internet!

4. Earn More Money

Accept additional support on top of other revenue streams you may already be receiving from subscriptions, ads, sponored content, affiliate sales, and other monetization options.

You don't have to choose just one! In fact, for most people, some combination of monetization options is required to make sufficient income.

5. Receive All Your Tips

Tipalink does NOT charge you a transaction fee (see Pricing).

When a supporter makes a payment, the tips are transferred directly to your payment account using the settings you configure for each payment method. You will receive an email with details of the payment and tips.

Monetize Online

Tipalink is for anyone who would like to accept tips online.

  •   Content Creators
  •   Service Workers
  •   Artists
  •   Influencers
  •   Bloggers
  •   Newspapers
  •   Small Businesses
  •   Charities & Nonprofits
  • ...and more!

Even if you don't have a website or post content online, you can also receive tips on your Tipalink profile page.

To get started, register an account.