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Receive support on your Tipalink profile.

Tipalink was created to help people earn more money online by accepting tips. It was designed to offer creatives and website owners another option for receiving support from their fans and followers.

But it can be used by anyone. And in these times of financial instability, many are soon going to need more ways of receiving financial support.

It's free to join and create a Tipalink profile. Anyone can start receiving tips on their Tipalink profile. Profiles can be shared online like any other social media profile page.

The best part is Tipalink does not charge any transaction fees. Users get paid directly and keep all their tips. Every little bit helps.

Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to get started:

  •   Sign up with an email address and password: create account.
  •   Confirm your email by clicking the verification link sent to the email address you used to sign up.
  •   Clicking the email verification link will log you in and redirect you to My Account.
  •   Click the Activate Profile button and create your profile.
  •   After you save your profile, you will be redirected back to My Account.
  •   You will be assigned a Tipalink Profile ID and profile page will be created.
  •   A new section titled Profile Info will appear at the top of My Account.
  •   The link to your Tipalink profile page is listed at the top of that section.
  •   Share the link to your Tipalink profile page like you would any social media profile.
  •   Let people know that you can receive tips online by saying "Tip me on Tipalink!"

Share the link to your Tipalink profile page online and say "Tip me on Tipalink!"