Tippers pay NO fees!


There are NO fees charged to tippers. Tip recipients are charged a Service & Payment Processing fee when they make a request to payout funds from their Tipalink account balance.

Service & Payment Processing Fee

A single fee is charged on payout requests. This fee is combined to cover the platform service fee and payment processing fees incurred. This fee is 10% for all tips received on Tabs greater than or equal to $15.00 and it increases to a maximum of 20% for Tabs as low as $5.00.

A fee of 10% is charged for payouts on Tabs greater than or equal to $15.00.

The fee percentage is based on the Tab total. By pooling tips into Tabs, Tipalink can offer lower fees to our users. This fee increases for Tabs with lower totals due to the payment processing costs incurred by our payment processing providers.

Payout Fee for a $1 Tip

An example showing how a fee can vary depending on
the Tab total for a payout request on a tip of $1.00:

Tab Amount Fee % Fee Amount
$50.00 10% $0.10
$25.00 10% $0.10
$15.00 10% $0.10
$10.00 15% $0.15
$5.00 20% $0.20

This fee is subtracted from the amount of each payout request. It is included in a user's account balance ledger as an extra line-item for clarity. The minimum amount that can be requested to be withdrawn is $1.00.

The minimum amount that can be requested to be withdrawn is $1.00.

The vast majority of these fees go to helping Tipalink pay the payment processing costs incurred in sending and receiving tips made by our users.

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It's free to create an account and activate a Profile to start receiving tips.

We're Here to HELP

Tipalink strives to keep fees low to help maximize the benefits of the service we provide to our users. These fees exist to cover the costs of doing business.

Compare this to some well-known non-profits where less than 50% of donations ultimately end up in the hands of beneficiaries (source).

Tipalink exists to help users monetize websites/web page(s) on the Internet.